We believe that, services is the process of ensuring customer satisfaction with a product or other services. A company’s perception of success od such interactions is depend on good services. So we are really care about the services what we do for our client. Our all the department are always careful to support our customer quickly. In our company three hundred plus employees are working together in our office and factories. All the stuff are dedicated to their work. We motivated our employee to work effectively in working condition. We also training up our employee to build their efficient in working condition .

Our Products:

Clothes: Karuka manufactures different types of fabrics from their own factories. All these readymade garments are exported all over Bangladesh and abroad. One of the leading players in the international quality clothing business. Generally, we are an organization which starts from making cloth, Dying, Printed, Denim and supply it to the free markets all over Bangladesh and also export it abroad. The color and quality of our fabrics are very good. We produce 5000000 yds of cloth every year and have it dying and printed directly from our factory. About 25 officers and employees of the karuk are involved in the manufacture of the cloth which is being supplied abroad. Our aim is to maintain the quality of the cloth and supply it abroad.


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